Saturday, March 12, 2011

Long Overdue Update!

Well - it is 2011 and already three months into it. I have not managed to be reliable on this blog site, but will endeavor to improve....

Exciting news for the new year - A new addition to the Ndau family - (no, not my granddaughter, we will get to her just now!) Devon and Tato (ex Zimbabwe, ex Cape Town) joined us in January on our design team. They have bought with them wonderful new concepts, designs and loads of enthusiasm. The studio is humming with activity and we look forward to showing you some really unique pieces from their design tables.

Kelly has recently returned from her trip to the Seychelles. She has no doubt got lots of lovely 'treasures' scavenged from the beach to be turned into something special in the studio - look forward to seeing these!

Christie has recently taken two weeks down time - to have a baby!! Our beautiful Maya was born last week (2nd March) and all went well in Lusaka. Christie is bringing Maya to the Vic Falls studio on Monday to introduce her to the 'Team' and hopefully, for Christie to get back into the work mode???!!

Other news is that Ndau, in collaboration with Devon and Tato, will be represented at the HIFA Event to be held in Harare in April. Kelly and Joe are bussing to Harare (damn budget constraints...!) and Savanna Wood have very kindly loaned us teak furniture to use on our stand. I look forward to photos from Kelly and Joe to put here on the blog of our exhibition. Good luck to the two of you and enjoy the show.

I have been busy with starting off our new furnishings range. I have posted a picture of one of two beautiful antique chairs covered in a very large crocodile skin - simply stunning and Kev feels very special sitting in it!!!

I have posted a few new photos of pieces made recently and hopefully it will not be so long again for news updates!