Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog feature

Take a look at the post written on all of us at Ndau on the 20 Best Twenty Blog feature 

So rewarding to see all our hard work out there in the first world!

Monday, June 13, 2011

We've been discovered!

Exciting news - 20 best twenty have chosen us (Ndau) as one of their new discoveries and as a result we're featuring on their site, blog and Twitter posts. We'll keep them updated with lots of new images, so keep an eye on their site and posts. Thanks 20 best twenty for loving us - we love you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gretchen Comly Trunk Show

Well, all of Gail's hard work has paid off - here's her cuff in Gretchen Comly's upcoming trunk show...

If you're in Charleston, Carolina on the 12th May 2011, don't miss the show! And take a look at Gretchen Comly Design - the jewellery and knits are amazing and you'll see the Ndau cuffs featuring here and there against a backdrop of New York. Well done Gail!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet the Designers - Tato Louizidis of Ndau Jewellery and Leatherware

(Please note that Tato Louizidis is no longer a designer with Ndau, but has left to start her own business!)

As Gail has mentioned in a previous post, Ndau has added two new designers to their already talented line up - one of whom is Devon Stewart, who I've already blogged about. The other is Tato Louizidis and here's some information about her background and inspirations and of course, some pictures of her creations!

"Tato was born in Yerevan, Armenia but grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe. Having a father who is a jeweller, she was exposed to and inspired by jewellery and gemstones from a young age. Pursuing this dream, she then went to study jewellery design and manufacture in Cape Town, South Africa for 3 years and did a further course in diamond grading and evaluation. After studying and working in Cape Town, Tato has now moved to Victoria Falls to work as a jewellery designer at the Ndau studio.

As a child, her interests have always been fairytales and fantasy. Her world was one of fairies, mermaids, pixies, unicorns, princesses, dance, colour and love stories; and it is this same love of fantasy that inspires her today. At 24 years old, her tastes and interests are defined by her childhood world and she strives to find fantasy in her surroundings and world today.

Her designs are feminine, intricate, creative and romantic; with each piece translating a story to the wearer. Her design method is to pick a theme that inspires her and create a range to represent this.

Having a Greek father, Tato was surrounded by Greek myths and legends from an early age and soon fell in love with the magic of Greek mythology. This was her chosen theme for her final year body of work and dissertation to which she wrote a personalised story book of her favourite myths from her point of view and created jewellery to represent each story.
 Arachne's curse

Narcissus' vanity

Narcissus and Echo

Echo, water nymph

Daedalus and Icarus' flight

Pandora's box

Phaeton & Apollo

Eros' love games ring

Eros' love games necklace

Aphrodite's pearls necklace

 Aphrodite's pearls earrings

Everlasting love

Birth of the seasons

The ever changing seasons

Demeter, Goddess of agriculture

Argus' 100 eyes

She has also brought to life a timeless classic - A Treasures of the Ocean range. Since moving to Victoria Falls and being exposed to ethnic African art and wild surroundings, Tato has been inspired by the beauty of the mighty Zambezi and has chosen a feminine take on the mother of all waterfalls - a range of lilies indigenous to the Zambezi. (as seen on our Facebook site)

Currently, she is stirred by a world that glitters: the age of cabaret and burlesque, and is creating a range to suit this theme with a modern twist. Expect feathers, beads, ribbon, lace and gemstones."

Tato has brought a fresh delicacy to the Ndau range and having had a sneak peek of the new burlesque range, all I can say is watch this space...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Willow Pattern love story

As Gail said, it has been a long time since we've posted anything on new on the blog - we have been overwhelmed with work as my other blogs, Facebook site and Ndau's blog website will show! I can now make it up however with something really gorgeous.

Kelly has been working on a new collection of antique Chinese blue porcelain shards set in sterling silver, which I am very happy to share with you:

Kelly explains: " 16th Century Chinese blue ceramic ware was traded from the East in return for ivory and gold in Africa. The Monsoon Trade Winds blowing from the Northeast of the globe in the months of November to April brought Eastern traders to the East Africa coast. With the change of the monsoon in May to October, winds were now blowing out of the South East, sending the same traders home bound.

These shards of Chinese blue porcelain were found buried in the sands of the old dhow harbour on Lamu Island in Northern Kenya, close to the Somali border. I collected, shaped and set them in silver to show off the beauty and age of each piece."

One of my fondest memories is of my grandmother reciting the story of the Willow pattern to me a teatime when I was young. To me, these pieces capture a sense of romance and wonder as well as history in sterling silver - and I feel that one of those rings has my name on it...